Medicare, Social Security promote laziness and dependency

Tuesday , September 05, 2017 - 7:00 AM8 comments

I attended U.S. Rep. Bishop’s Aug. 24 town hall meeting in Brigham City. Good on him for doing them despite some not-so-polite attendees.

His response, and especially the response of the crowd, to one of the questions makes me wonder if this country will survive as originally conceived. The question was, “Will you vote to diminish Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits?” He hesitated and seemed uncomfortable, then said, “No.” The audience’s cheer was the loudest of the evening.

This country was founded on limited government to protect basic rights, relying on individualist morality — people who took care of themselves, not government taking care of people. This form of government is unique, and has produced and exported more liberty and prosperity than any other.

It’s one thing to have the more naïve younger generation be swayed by left-leaning media and even our schools toward “fundamentally transforming the United States,” as Barack Obama proposed. But to have an older audience, who should be more wise and insightful, so enthusiastically endorse dependency is frightening.

One of the negative aspects of human nature is to be lazy, and dependency is a form of laziness. An individually moral person fights against these negative aspects. So here we are, a room full of mature (by age) people cheering enthusiastically in favor of continued dependency on federal government entitlements. And their representative (who probably knows he is abandoning his principles) is without the courage to call them out on their immaturity and the associated dangers to our society.

David Spackman



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