Are solar panels reducing summer power outages?

Thursday , September 07, 2017 - 7:00 AM

I was pleased to see Leia Larsen' s Sept. 4 Q&A with Michele Beck, director of the Utah Office of Consumer Services, about Rocky Mountain Power’s solar settlement. Last summer, our area had several power outages when air conditioner use was at its peak. We've had none this year, in spite of the unusual heat. I think the most likely reason is that more neighbors have installed solar panels. Perhaps a decrease in outages is a metric that should be considered by concerned parties.

I would love to see Larsen and/or Beck do a piece on cable TV and cell phones — certainly the latter, at least, meets criteria as a utility in today's world. Prices are outrageous and precious little real choice exists for service providers. Our cell phone bill exceeds our gas and electricity put together. These two services are the ones supposedly controlled by free-market competition. That doesn't seem to have worked well for consumers.

Melissa Hofer


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