Still time to join TX.; deadline extended

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From challenging school projects to favorite movies and music, we want to know what today’s teens are all about. And who better to write about the high school experience than Northern Utah’s high school students? We’re looking for teenagers to write stories, take photos and draw...


The TX. 10: Summer activities to do in your backyard

TX. Hammock

1. Grow your own veggie garden 2. Relax in a hammock 3. Host a party with friends or family 4. Have a campout 5. Play in the sprinklers 6. Read a good book 7. Play lawn games (Spikeball, Kubb, etc.) 8. Go stargazing 9. Have a picnic 10. Design an epic obstacle course — Haley Bess, Morgan...


Too late for conservatism on gun control

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Considering the recent school shootings that have swept the nation, as well as marking the one-year anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting, it becomes necessary to examine why government action on gun control is critical and why it is not possible to reach a conservative solution. The conservatives,...


Pass, shoot, score! World Cup ushers in new soccer era

Russia Soccer WCup Match Moments Day 9 Photo Gallery-1

From the moment the tournament began on June 14 to the final seconds of the championship match on July 15, the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia captivated soccer — or “football” — fanatics across the globe. Rather than promote the event on big names, such as Cristiano...


Bottom Line trivia

TX. Blood

The blood inside your body is dark red; your veins only look blue because of the way they reflect light.

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