Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

The stories we create about our past dictate our future

Secondary BZ 081215 Frank Brown 04-7

“Strange to think that the past is our key to free will, but it is,” writes E. Kent Winward.

Guest Commentary

WSU columnists: We need to address race, the ACA, infrastructure, tolerance in 2018

MH 111216 A Town Hall Meeting 43-1

We’ve got work to do in 2018, according to the Weber State columnists who write for the Standard-Examiner.

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Congress needs to pass a responsible Dream Act

BZ 091917 DACA Gisela 02-1

“Let’s deal with the hard issues in front of us, but let us not punish those that have done no wrong other than having been brought to America as children and youth,” writes Paul Widmark.

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A Christmas Story: Driving to Herkimer to see family

Holiday Travel

One year, David Ferro’s dog drove the family’s VW bus into a tree. But that didn’t stop the Ferros from making their annual Christmas visit to New York.

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How The Donald Stole Christmas!

MH 112616 Electric Light Parade 15

Columnist E. Kent Winward parodies the Christmastime classic by Dr. Seuss. 

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E-warrants give police too much flex to conduct no-knock raids

Nurse Arrested Video-1

Technology allows for warrants to get signed by a judge electronically — but does that cut corners on the justice system?

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It's the wrong time for tax cuts

Congress Taxes Hatch

“Save the tax cut for the time it will be most needed,” writes Jeff Steagall.

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Weber County Commission should let petition continue


“A handful of people from the Ogden Valley are encouraging the Weber County Commission to circumvent the petition we have started and for the commissioners themselves to initiate the study process. This would be a mistake,” write Brent Taylor and Oscar Mata.

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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Netflix rate hike

Net Neutrality-5 Grinch

“We love the idea of good girls and boys getting gifts for good behavior. Those rules make sense. But for Santa Internet, the rules changed this week,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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