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Guest Commentary

Artificial intelligence is starting to get creepy

Film-Box Office-Year End-5 Terminator

“I look forward to a world in which technology serves us, not the other way around.” writes Don Porter.

Guest Commentary

Ogden police helped UHRC establish needle exchange program

BZ 050817 Needles Exchange 06-3

“Contrary to the editorial by the Standard Examiner’s Editorial Board, the Ogden Police Department and Ogden city administration, including Mayor Caldwell, did not obstruct the opening of a much-needed needle-exchange program, we facilitated it,” writes Chief Randy Watt.

Guest Commentary

Trump, the Arpaio pardon, and the balance of power

Arpaio-Pardon Trump

"Given the extreme politically charged nature of it, this case could be around a while,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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White nationalist posters at Weber State — an SE reader conversation

MH 073016 A Conversation About Race 08-28

Someone put up racist and anti-Semitic posters at WSU in places that violated school policy. The university took them down. That sparked a conversation on free speech.

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America shouldn't be in the business of taking down statues

Confederate Monuments Protest-6

“Destruction of evidence of a dark past reflects an admission of fear. Perhaps we fear we’re not strong enough to guarantee it doesn’t repeat,” writes D. Louise Brown.

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Why does Trump hate the media? Because they get it right

APTOPIX Trump thumbs up

“With his pardon of Joe Arpaio last week, Trump has signaled his eagerness to subvert the judiciary and the rule of law. If he can convince enough Americans to distrust the Fourth Estate, the media’s watchdog role will be rendered ineffective,” writes Don Porter.

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If you caught the solar eclipse, thank a scientist

BZ 082117 Eclipse 10-4

“Citizens trusted expert mathematicians to predict the timing and path of the eclipse, even if few could replicate their work,” writes David Ferro. “With all the agreement in this country it is curious, then, that so much skepticism of science currently exists in America.”

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$30K for the performing arts at Ogden High? A reader conversation

Stage Combat

A production company paid $67,500 to film a web series at Ogden High School. What should OHS do with its share of the money?

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A just government only resorts to force when necessary

Race Rallies Dallas

“In a family, violence has an impact that lasts for generations. Violence in society has a similar impact,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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