Standard Deviations

Standard Deviations

Equifax offers us protection, but who'll protect us from the protectors?

Equifax Cyberattack

Sure, the consumer credit reporting agency coughed up the personal info of 143 million Americans. But hey, at least they’re offering us their “complimentary” services to guard the data they should have kept safe in the first place.

Standard Deviations

Low self-esteem? Better not take Roy High's sex and drugs survey

Candace Thurgood rally at Roy High in rain

Teachers who agree to teach the “Adult Roles” class in the Weber School District must be some special kind of stupid.

Standard Deviations

Column: Remembering the incident we should 'never forget'

World Trade Center-Reopening-11

“We’ve been admonished to “never forget” the events of Sept. 11, 2001. I’m embarrassed to say that, for a sleepy instant on Monday morning, I indeed forgot,” Mark Saal writes this week. 

Standard Deviations

Suzie the dog leaves animal shelter, gets her happily-ever-after

Clear the Shelters

Pit bull terrier mix adopted by self-described “drummer, woodworker, art dealer and wanderer.”

Standard Deviations

Column: Meet the Weber State club dedicated to saving wild cats

BW TOP 5090117 Weber State Block Party 001.jpg

You’d think the school could show a little compassion for the actual wild cats on campus — that, or at least change its mascot to something a little less cat-friendly,” Mark Saal writes this week. 

Standard Deviations

Column: Is goat yoga turning this country into a — wait for it — nanny state?

Nanny state

We should incorporate goats into all of our boring/uncomfortable activities.

Standard Deviations

Solar eclipse brings enlightenment to columnist

22 eclipse.jpg

Being on the wrong side of a political issue doesn’t make you bad, just badly mistaken. 

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